Rae Guest answers some Frequently Asked Questions. If you want to know anything else please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How much does a thoroughbred racehorse cost?

Successful racehorses have been bought for very little or even given away by their breeders. Generally horses with better pedigrees and conformation will always be more expensive. In general the more money you have to spend the better chance you have of getting in the winners enclosure, but with horses there are never any guarantees.

What facilities does Newmarket, England have?

Newmarket has the best facilities in the world for horses. It has a range of different surfaces on which to train horses including grass, synthetic, woodchip and sand. Some canters and gallops are uphill and flat, round bends and straight. They are all beautifully maintained and access is regulated by Jockey Club Estates.

Newmarket, dedicated to horses and horse racing, is the only place in the UK to boast two racecourses, where top class flat racing takes place throughout the summer.

The Rowley Mile Racecourse, only ½ mile away from Chestnut Tree Stables, is where the first two Classic races, the 1000 and 2000 Guineas', are run. The other track, the picturesque July Course, stages the sprint championship of Europe, the Group 1 July Cup; and its enormously popular 'Newmarket Nights' series combines racing with music after an evening card.

For more details see www.newmarketracecourses.co.uk

Who owns the gallops at Newmarket?

Jockey Club Estates Limited, which is the property arm of The Jockey Club.

How much does it cost to have a horse in training?

The training fee is £55 per day plus VAT, but currently owners can register for VAT and, provided they can show that they have generated business income, they can reclaim that part (20%). In addition The Jockey Club makes a charge of approximately £150 per month for your horse to use the gallops. Vets bills, swimming (for the horse), racing expenses and other items are also additional. Please e-mail or call us for further details. 

When are the yards working hours?

The lads come in at 6.00 am and work until around 11.30 am, with a break for breakfast around 9.30 am. Each lad usually rides three horses in a morning. They then leave the horses and are free until 4pm, when they come back in to do evening stables. This is when the horses are mucked out, fed, watered and groomed. It is also when the head lad and trainer check that the horse has not sustained any small injuries following the mornings workout.

Where do the lads live?

We have accommodation on and off site for staff. Many of the other members of staff either have their own houses in or around Newmarket, or rent in the town.

How long does it take to get a horse fit?

This very much varies according to the horses make and shape, current state of fitness and whether it has been in training for racing before. As a guide, 8 weeks is about the shortest to allow.

What are the horses bedded down on?

Shredded paper or shavings. It provides a warm bed for the horse to lie on, without the associated dust which can cause respiratory problems.

When are the sales?

The yearling sales in the Autumn. There are sales in Deauville, France; Lexington, Kentucky, USA; Ireland; Germany and here in Newmarket. There are also horses in training and breeding stock sales during the year. Look at www.tattersalls.com for further information about sales at Newmarket.

What happens to the horses when they have finished racing?

Many of the horses here are fillies and often go to stud to have foals at the end of their racing career. Some are owned by their breeders who have a stud, and others are placed as boarders with local studs, so their owners can come to see both their racehorse in training and mare at stud at the same time. If they are not good enough to breed, we usually find a good home for them as riding horses.

If I become an owner can I choose my own colours and horses name?

Yes, subject to the BHA rules and what has already been registered. Obviously you can't have the same name or colours as anyone else. For more details see www.weatherbys.co.uk.